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Nordic Proof

Client: Bluement (Oslo) for Nordic Proof
Services: Website Development, UX Design, Solution Development

The challenge

Who the end-client is, in their own words:

Nordic Proof is a network of partners from renowned health institutions and testing hubs in healthcare in the Nordics.

The client had already gotten their website designed by a Norwegian agency and needed someone to implement the design in code. They also needed someone to build a management system that would allow their team to manage partners testbeds, services provided at those testbeds and certifications, in an intuitive way.

My approach

The website was developed in WordPress and the design was implemented using a custom child theme built on top of a stable and frequently-updated existing theme for reliability. On the data side of things, we used custom post types (CPTs), custom-fields, intuitive admin-panel forms and relationships to make data management a breeze:

Partner management
I wanted to make partner management so simple that even a new team member or intern could easily do this. Users could create partners just as they would create blog posts and there were already pre-defined, user-friendly fields that a user had to fill while creating a partner, thereby reducing room for error. As soon as a partner was saved (and approved by an admin) the aforementioned partner would start showing up on the partners page of the website.

Partner/Service management
The user could checkmark which testbeds offered a particular service when creating/editing that service or select services offered for a particular health institution or testing hub when creating or editing that location.

Partner/Certification management
Similarly, the user could choose which partners had a certification while they were creating or editing certifications or alternately edit which certifications a particular partner had when editing or creating that partner.

The result was a system that was scalable, easy to manage and always had the most accurate, up-to-date data.

The impact

The project was presented before and appreciated by the Norwegian health minister. The client loved the end-result and was able to meet their launch timelines.

At the time of writing, the system only has 7 partners (albeit some of Norway’s finest healthcare institutions) but the system that was built can easily handle any reasonable number of partners for the foreseeable future. Additionally, the way the structure has been created allows the website to serve up the entered data via an API in case the organization decides to build a mobile app or other external end-point in the future.

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