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Minarah Consulting

Minarah Consulting, a UK-Based Shariah-compliance and auditing consultancy firm wanted to go digital by showcasing their services and the expertise of their consultants online, so they got in touch with me to create a website for them. These were professional people but visually, their logo told a different story and the brand left much to be desired.

This is what they had been using:


I recognized early on that the name was powerful and iconic but because of the lack of thoughtful branding, it had never realized much of its potential. I wanted Minarah (minaret) to be the focus of the logo but in a much more subtle, intelligent way. After a lot of sketching, drafting and time wasted drawing minarets of all sorts, I was bored. So, I did what I always do when I’m bored; I tried looking at the problem from a different perspective.

I’ve always loved how minarets look like from a vantage point directly underneath them and slightly away from the base. There’s just something majestic and humbling about them that way. So I settled on creating the mark in the form of a minaret that was being looked at from below and this was the end result:

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