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5 Minute Arabic

5 Minute Arabic

The client produces short, 5-minute video lessons for people who want to learn Arabic but don’t have time to attend lengthy courses. Since most young people fit that description, the logo was made to be appealing to younger audiences

The concept

I wanted to blend traditional and contemporary techniques for this logo because to deny a language as rich as Arabic its presence in the logo would just be wrong. But how do you put something Arabic in a logo that is for people who don’t know Arabic? Simple. Take a deep dive and explore not the letters and the words, but how they’re written. You see, Arabic isn’t just beautiful linguistically; it’s also visually precise, aesthetically pleasing and begs to be written with love.

[photo demonstrating precision and beauty of arabic]

Throughout history, artists and calligraphers have done their best to explore the many forms that Arabic can take. Some are simplistic.

Others can be complex.

But what is it that is common between the most simple and complex Arabic lettering? The pen or qalam used to write it all. That’s what we can distill it to. But not a literal pen itself, but the way that pen makes its mark. Three strokes and that would be all that’s needed.


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